Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thank you for 2015 season.


Thank you for all your support in 2015 season!

"FTW" won mad dog class on 2015 Mid-America speedway race series!

Furuhashi Racing original exhaust valve proven great performance!

@Frankfort half mile. (Please click picture to see photo)

Photo from 520 chain cafe

Full throttle 1/2 mile run at Frankfort, IN

Koji Furuhashi Racing thank you to:
Arai Helmet, BLUETAG, CP Pistons, Durelle Racing, G2 ergonomics, Kadoya, Kersting's Musium, Native eyewear, Redstone Performance Engineering, Racetech,  Rebel Gears, SEV, Smith moto goggle, Sudco, Webcam, Westfield power sports, WPC Treatment USA,  (ABC)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Good race, good people, good time.

Last weekend at Mid-America Speedway.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

KFR Japan tour

Story from November 2014.

Christian at Narita airport.

Koji and Christian went to visit Japan.

Very first time visit for Christian. This young man wanted to see the real car culture in Japan. 

"Raise motor sports population" 
That is Furuhashi Racing company's philosophy. Koji decided to take him around his world. We went to many places in 1 1/2 week "short stay."

Tokyo Express way "SHUTO KŌ Highway"

There is no time for sleep! We swing by..

60ft tall real scale Gundam. Odaiba, Tokyo

Nothing but eat first. It's best place to learn how to use chop stick! 
Takoyaki! ( deep fried octopus hush puppies.)

This is curry rice. Another popular food in Japan. You have choice for size from 300g(10oz) to 800g(28oz) by additional price. This size about $5. (Using spoon for curry rice normally.)

Toyota historic car museum
Some how they had 1st gen. Nissan GT-R. There are so many Japanese historic cars. Odaiba, Tokyo

Ramen noodle. Best taste every where! $5.

Udon noodle at Akihabara. They are always reasonable price and will not disappoint taste!

Discount store in Akihabara, so many people.

Akihabara is famous for home & PC electrics shopping. We found some racing stuff here.

SEV showroom -Gotanda, Tokyo

Dennys is open business on only 2nd floor. Little high class menu and price than US Dennys. Taste is great.  Gotanda, Tokyo

Tokyo tower. World famous by Godzilla movie.

We believe that TAXI will take us to destination REALLY FAST.

We swing by car parts and repair store in town, and saw Ferrari testarossa Koenig special in work space. How did this monster get here!? Saitama city, Saitama.

WPC treatment Japan head quarter Sagamihara, Kanagawa

It's time for business, we move to west side of Tokyo.

They show us their great facility and racing activity status. Their treatment is deep into factory racing for JGTC and Formula class. 

WPC treatment USA link.

Nice smiles, nice interesting fashion at gift shop. China town Yokohama, Kanagawa.

Nissan Motor Company Headquarters. 

Show room inside is nice. It's just an amazing place. We could see past and future automotive life here. 

Air suspension can adjust van's height. Easy entry for wheel chair.

We could feel GT-R.

Time for racing. We are in Twinring Motegi for JGTC final. -Motegi, Tochigi

GT-R race car cockpit.  

Nissan factory GT-R. We can see catalyzer exhaust part.

 Living legend GAN-san. (Motoharu Kurosawa. 1st Generation Nissan Skyline GTR factory driver.)

Second generation, Takuya Kurosawa.

Toyota Prius hybrid racing car. 

Pit walk time for kids.  Great race event for many generation. We give a special thank you to HIDE from SEV ( ) You awesome!
SEV supporting many team and athletes. Also Furuhashi Racing!

Lamborghini race car.

Cock pit. We can see SEV is in here.

Also here.

NSX proto type

Mugen CR-Z

Autobacs CR-Z and "DK"

Beauty umbrella girls.

Nice to see Civic Type R pace car. They had NSX type-R pace car too. It must have some reason why US customer couldn't buy these cars..

 Qualifying day over. We went to local restaurant call RAIMU. Koji has known this place for long years from his early racing career. Best food and drink and nice people!

with "Big Mama". Thank you so much.

We come by Seven-Eleven before into circuit. This small store is concentrated Walmart! You can buy everything here.

 Honda Collection Hall
 Oval piston NR750
Asimo robot

World's treasure are here. People need come here once before they die.

 We found best spot for watching!

There are many events going on everywhere.
Dry carbon mono-cockpit.

We had great show. Get out from circuit traffic wasn't bad. It was just under two hours.. then after that we drove few hours to go back to Tokyo area.

We are back to sight seeing.

Ikebukuro, Tokyo

"Mister Donut" not too sweet. About $1/piece 

JR Train line is best transportation here in Tokyo.

 Asakusa, Tokyo

 Highest tower "Sky Tree". Asakusa, Tokyo

Christian's best performance photo in this trip, thanks.

We were out to Tokyo express way in night time. There are many street riders and car enthusiast out there enjoying ride and drive and meeting at parking area. (We are sorry, we don't have picture.)

We move to next place call Tsukuba Circuit. MAZDA had rotary motor event there .

Tsukuba circuit 2000.
 All rotary motor. Sounds are wonderful!

 Where is original 7 parts?
 has nice flare.
 Best co-driver we've ever seen.
This small car has 660cc motor in it. (not rotary) 

After event at Tsukuba 1000 track pit.

Last day, h
e could try Sushi go round.

Dish/$ basically. Some dish are little higher.
You can order by touch panel that has English. Menu variation are not only fish.
Would you still ask how taste was?

Words, Internet picture and youtube, can show but not enough.

Eat-Car-Eat-Car.. That was his first time of Japan trip. What Koji heard from Christian " I will be come back here! "

Trip (Experience)  is sometime worth more than anything. We look forward to his future what ever he will be.