Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wanna have some fun?

It was busy August!

We had motoGP world grand prix, XDL, Bikers night at down town, GNC Indy mile and Local flat track race at Marion county fair.

Furuhashi Racing had guest from Japan. This young man name Masahiro Komazaki. He wanted try American dirt track race so, we have a chance to join this time.

We knew he has experience for flat track but wasn't sure how's he going.

Nice looking!

Dog fight against CRF150R.

He whipped stock XR100 ! It was great show we could see, his potential, and another side how XR100 is fun bike! Only you need to do for flat track race is change rear tire. 

Here is Gopro shot.

Main race.

Honda XR100 stock only has 9.8hp. We can see that hard to catch up other MX bike on straight. But if you want to try flat track race. This bike gives you really good experience.

You can see his good turn speed. 

Everyone want to win when we race. And this, flat track race is easiest for ride. But after the race, you'll see how hard to get 1st place. 

Mid-America Speedway has many choice of entry classes. 

No matter what place you finished, you can tell after ride that how fun it is. It just simple oval race but this race has been exist when motorcycle race born and keep going till today. You will see why after ride.

Now, that Japanese boy rode three flat track races and watched GNC Indy mile,



He was flight back to Japan after all event.

Watch or ride either way, August in Indy have great time for all motorcyclist!

Let us know when you need information about Indiana flat track.
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