Monday, October 1, 2012

Have you try motorcycle race ?

How about flat track race?

MID-AMERICA SPEEDWAY has race on October 6th.

Competitor ages: 5 ~ Over 70.
Machine: Single and twin motor. 2stroke 4stroke, almost everything.
Race Classes: 50cc PW class to open class.

They have lot's of classes on going at one night. Let them know what bike you have! They'll arrangement for your classes.

It is simple competition. We go round flat dirt oval, nothing difficult. But it is really hard to win. That's gonna make this racing world very deep.

What can I say about dirt track is just FUN TO RIDE. I never felt it's bored run around oval track. Because every laps never be the same.  

Street ride is fun. Yard ride is also. But once you've tried this race, it is the most exciting moment will start. 

You don't have to go fast from first try. You don't have to have professional tuner's race bike. Let's try to ride first. MID-AMERICA SPEEDWAY is best local track in Indianapolis.

You will see what is "no speed limit" meaning. And you can feel it once you've tried why we like this.

Come and see the race!