Saturday, June 30, 2012

WPC Treatment.

Transmission after WPC treatment 

We never thought use this treatment to TW motor, but how interest is that if TW going run around on oval track with really good speed !? Let's see!

WPC treatment is metal surface treatment technology from Japan since 90’s. What we have interest are this treatment technology is very unique. (as Furuhashi Racing!) It would reduce friction and make more durability.

Please check out this movie.

We look forward about treatment will last longer than any other "coating" stuff. It  isn't make dimensional change so, WPC treatment can treat piston rings, nikasil cylinder and all .0005" or under accuracy part of motor. 

WPC Treated transmission shaft. 

We keep playing.. 
We wish you can touch this smooth surface feel.

Inside of motor technology is kind like a secret part in racing world usually. But race technology is feedback to automotive world, that's why racing exist for. We'd like to share some, and for your motor life going happy. Actually, WPC technology is into manufacture's production already. 

We feel good when motor runs well. Very simple thing from old days. WPC treatment would help that.  

Let us know if you have any question, or if you want to try WPC treatment. 

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