Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Base design.

Fuel tank is locate under seat.

This bike has very unique design. But it make sense for ideal. 

Just took out storage space box. We can see battery and air filter box on left side.

What we have to do first is take motor out from frame and measure all geometry for flat track purpose.

After motor off.

This bike has very well frame design. All heavy parts is sits low or stay close to center even frame. Lot's media web telling this bike has great fuel economy and price but that is just part. We still can feel part of motoGP machine or competition MX bike design idea in this model.

Media or some people always say, "what's good, what cons" to new bike but it's only price matter and we can modified our own purpose basically so, we say no problem! Motorcycle is just like music instrumental. Focus point should go like  "how do we going to play." 

New frame
Tank and swing arm
Triple tree
19"Wheel sets
Rear wheel brake system
All fitting parts 
Electrical parts

And high performance engine parts.

Looks like easy to build but there is so many things have to comes together. Team work will be very important. We look forward machine roll as soon as possible but maybe until this year end.