Thursday, June 30, 2011

Service tips: Brake switch

FURUHASHI RACING has service for street bike too. We work as racing quality service .

We let you know about brake switch this time to save your money.

When stop light doesn't work and light bulb was OK. Next suspect point will come to brake switch.

OK, this bike's rear brake switch doesn't work. Dirt bike has this problem often. It happen when you ride muddy and wet condition a lot.

Try this before you going to buy a new switch. Get ready for your WD-40!

Off the parts from bike.

Strip cover.

Spray lot's WD-40 into switch.

Stroke the rod several times.
(Some times, you need keep this routine that is spray and stroke.)

Check it has connection or not. This one was back!
" Beeeep! "

Put switch back to motorcycle and adjust switch.

Then test your brake light will turn on. That's it!

Basicly It just cleaned off by WD-40. If connection wasn't rust pretty bad. Switch will work again. Stop switch is only you can buy "assembly" and cost will about $15. It is worth to try.

Have a safe and happy ride.